Monday, September 20, 2010

Mouse Trap

What do you get when you put one tiny mouse and the Rickeys together? Full scale panic, that's what. Let me tell you the story-

Apparently, for who knows how long, one little mouse has been living in our garage, chowing down on our storage of rice. Little bugger, who does he think he is?! Well obviously we couldn't let that mouse keep free loading off of us. What kind of people would we be if a measly little rodent was allowed to literally eat us out of house and home? We had to do something, right? Right. Well too bad the Rickeys are a couple of outrageous wimps about everything. I mean everything- snakes, spiders, ants, basically all bugs, baby bunnies and chicks... well no, not the last two, but almost. Needless to say, mice are definitely on the list.

We came up with a strategy of luring that mouse out into the open. It was brilliant, carefully calculated. Well when the first step of our plan actually worked and the mouse did in fact come out into the open, apparently we weren't adequately prepared for success- panic ensued. We both were running around, screaming like we were being attacked by one of those Rodents of Unusual Size from the Princess Bride, not a mouse that would fit in the palm of your hand. During our chaotic fleeing of the scene, the mouse managed to hide behind some boxes. Lovely. So for the next hour, each of us manned with a broom and mop in either hand, we moved boxes out of our garage like they were enormous pucks in a game of hockey. And after all that, do you know what? The little guy got away! So not only did he ruin our rice, he outsmarted us. Humiliating. Simply humiliating.

But don't worry, he may have won the battle, but we will win the war... assuming we somehow realize by the next battle that we are 100 times his size, his brain is the size of a pea, and he actually does not have a weapons arsenal at his disposal. Perhaps we can draw some courage from that knowledge.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Every Sunday, Mitchell and I teach a class of 4 year olds at our church- five little girls and one little boy who, already at the age of 4, recognizes he is totally outnumbered and that it isn't fair at all. I tell him it's ok though because he's going to be such a little stud some day for learning the finesse of managing a large group of women at such an early age. He doesn't completely buy it yet. One day he'll see how right I am.

Needless to say, our lessons are quite interesting some weeks with a group like ours. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of precious, tender moments where it is crystal clear why we are taught to be as little children, but there have been several times where Mitchell and I both just have to laugh right out loud. And those moments are too hilarious to keep all to ourselves. So World, enjoy the innocence of my sweet class:

Referring to Daniel from the lions' den, "Who knows who Daniel is?"
"I got a friend named Daniel."

Holding up a pink heart, "Who knows what shape this is?"
"Heart!" "A heart!" "Heart!" "Heart!" "A Heart!" "PINK!!"

"How come Jesus did such nice things for those people like bless them and heal them?"
"Because He's magic."

"What is your very favorite story from the scriptures?"
"I like the one with Pinocchio."
"With Pinocchio? Hmmm, what story is that?"
"You know, the one where he gets eaten by a whale but still lives anyway."
"Oh, you mean the one about Jonah and the whale?"
"Maybe. I just know that Pinocchio is so funny with that long nose!"

Showing a picture of Christ when he visisted the people in America, "These children weren't from Jerusalem. They were from somewhere far away. Do you know where they were from?"
"Ummm, South Carolina?"

"Do you think it made Jesus sad when those other 9 lepers didn't say thank you for healing them?"
"Yes. He probably went home and ate a whole bowl of ice cream. At least that's what my mom does when she's sad."

See, this is why I tell everyone I have the best church job in the world. How could you possibly hate teaching these kids when they're going to say stuff like this every week? I'm sure the list will go on and on. I'll keep you all posted when new favorites come up.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Mitchell: "Hey Er, have you seen the mail key?"
Erin: "Uh no, I haven't."
Mitchell: "Are you sure? It's not on the key rack."
Erin: "No, I definitely haven't seen it. I've been in Michigan all weekend which means YOU were the last one to check the mail. So where did YOU put it?"
Mitchell: "I really don't know. Maybe I left in my backpack or something. But that's at school. Besides, I really don't think I would have put it there. But we could check."
Erin: "Seriously? We were just at the school. We need to drive all the way back? Boyzo, boyzo Buster Brown."

15 minutes later in school parking lot. Mitchell has just returned to the car from checking his locker.

Mitchell: "Well it's definitely not there."
Erin: "Well that was a good use of gas."
Mitchell: "Hey!"
Erin: "Just kidding... kinda."

10 minutes later back at the house. Erin has just gone through piles of Mitchell's clothes, drawers, and checked under all couch cushions. Mitchell has just rechecked everywhere Erin has checked. Erin gives up and lays on the bed to check her facebook. Mitchell continues the search.

Mitchell: "Well I just have no idea where it could be!"
Erin: "Did you check your pockets? laptop bag? You know why the key is lost? Look at this kitchen table- all your stuff is everywhere. Nothing is where it should be."
Mitchell: "I really have no clue."
Erin: *Sigh* "Oh well, we'll just have to spend the 50 bucks to get a new one I guess. Lame."

Erin goes back to facebook, feeling her passive/aggressive attitude is warranted, even if it is a little mean-hearted. Mitchell keeps looking, feeling sadly responsible for the loss of the key and most likely 50 bucks.

2 minutes later.

Mitchell: "Haaaah!
Erin: "You found it? Where had you put it?"
Mitchell: "Where had I put it? Are you sure that's the question you want to be asking?"

Mitchell approaches bedroom door with Erin's purse in hand.

Mitchell: "So you were in Michigan all weekend huh? There's NO way you were the last one to use the key? I'M the one who never puts stuff in the right place? Then why did I find the key in YOUR purse, Missy?"
Erin: "Whoops."

Big, fun, loving hug as couple walks to mailbox hand in hand.