Monday, November 30, 2009

A Beautiful Surprise

Being low on the totem pole is never fun. You get stuck with the worst jobs ever. Yep, ever. In the nursing world, that means you work the holiday shifts that no one wants. For me, that meant I worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Uh huh, every day including and around Thanksgiving. Quite the bummer.

But then, a mirale happened. Thursday, I was able to go home early from work. Halleighluia! That's right, I was home by 2:00, and guess what my wonderful husband had done for me? He had made a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner for us. And we're not talking about KFC on a nice serving dish, I mean the real deal. He cooked the most delicious turkey I've ever had (I'm not even joking), potatoes, yams, rolls, stuffing, jell-o, the works. It was incredible.

The best part was, it was just the two of us. My family had gone out of town and his family was home in Las Vegas. It was our first holiday all by ourselves and it was great. As we were eating I realized when we do move and we're in a new place all by ourselves, we're going to be more than fine. We know how to take care of each other. That is what marriage is about after all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Summary

This weekend was full of "Ummm. . . ok" moments. Here they are in order:

1. "When it comes out in chunks I want you to save it for me so I can see it, because there's no way I'm going to trust your description. Show me the poop, as they say." (Who in the world has ever said that?)

2. "Wanna hear a joke? What do you get when you put water with cold?. . . Ice. Hahahahaha!"

3. "Duh. Of course an Indian could be a werewolf in real life. You know they have genetic links to all sorts of things. I've heard werewolfism really is one of them." (Said by a thirty-ish year old woman- not a naive, ridiculous, stereotyping child.)

4. "Unsportsman-like conduct. On the offense. Number 15. Trying to deceive. 15 yard penalty." (Why don't you just put on an Air Force jersey? It would be more subtle.)

5. "If I had been a pioneer, I would have just eaten the crickets rather than waiting for some dumb seagulls. They're not that bad. If you come over to my house, I'll find one for you and you can try it."

Pretty amazing, huh?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Explanation

So why would a 20-something year old name her blog "Just Feeding Chickens" when she never spent her childhood years on a farm and isn't currently involoved in the poultry industry? Allow me to explain myself:

When I was growing up, if my mom had a day off from work and someone asked her what she had done that day, her response usually was, "Oh, I've just been feeding chickens." Now as you can imagine, this made no sense to me, seeing how it makes no sense to you reading this, unless you're a middle aged woman from the midwest. Finally, I had enough of the confusion. I asked my mom how in the world she could purport to have been feeding chickens all day when the only birds we owned were my brothers' parakeets. She then explained to me that "feeding chickens" was just a saying, nothing to be taken literally. All it meant was that she had spent the day doing odd jobs around the house- like changing burnt-out light bulbs, organizing the tupperware cabinet, or finally ironing that pile of laundry that had been sitting there all week, nothing substantial like mowing the lawn or cleaning the cars.

Even after that explanation, I still had a confused look on my face and said, "Uhhh ok, Mom." But I guess that's how most sayings go. Maybe it would be different and more understandable had I ever lived on a farm or spent any significant time around chickens. Regardless, this phrase was a common thing in my childhood, and despite its lack of logic, came to have meaning for me.

So that's what this blog is going to be for me; it doesn't have a grandiose purpose i.e. documenting my travels, doting on every new sound my baby makes, expounding on my political views, etc. It's going to be like most blogs- a little of everything, an assortment of the random things that go on in my life. Most likely people will be bored by it, but I guess blogs generally tend to be for the blogger more than the reader, so I'm ok if you decide never to read this blog again. At least I'll know that even though some things in life don't seem to be that significant, like feeding chickens, they'll have meant enough to me to write them down. Because feeding chickens is important. If it wasn't, we'd all be in dark houses with no working light bulbs, trying to find something to store left overs in while wearing wrinkled clothes.