Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Today I realized something about myself. If I had an endless supply of money, I would be a shoe fiend. It came as quite a shocking revelation, but it couldn't be more true. I would say I've spent the last 8 years being a coat-a-holic. I have managed to accrue quite the coat collection that would make any woman proud. After today though, I've decided to turn my attention to the shoe world.

As I was waiting for some pictures to be printed, I decided to window shop rather than go home and do some tedious task that needs to be done. Tasks can wait. Time and excuses for window shopping come too infrequently in my life to be ignored. So I decided to peruse a real shoe store. I'm not talking the shoe section of a Wal-Mart or Target. I mean a shop entirely devoted to the beauty and variety of shoes.

Every aisle held at least a dozen pairs of shoes I wanted to make my own. Cute little flats in every color and pattern you could ever hope to have to match to a perfect outfit, sexy hot heels that could give the shortest girl legs that go on for days, absolutely incredible boots for any style you could think of, ready to go tennis shoes for the casual days of sweatshirts and quick pony tails. Oh the possibilities... provided you have that endless supply of money I mentioned earlier. See, that's the problem of being in a real shoe store and not the shoe section of a Wal-Mart or Target. There's no such thing as "BoGo" or "$15 and Under" tables in these shops. You better have at least 30 bucks to spare before you go into one of these stores. And that'll get you one pair of shoes. Maybe, if you're lucky, one pair of shoes and some cute socks, but that's about it.

So to all of you botanists and economists out there- combine your efforts. Find a way to make that elusive money tree we're all waiting on. I'd be happy to donate the grassy area in front of my apartment to your planting efforts. Maybe then my dreams of becoming a shoe fiend will become a reality.

A Quick Update

Long time no see, Blog! Sorry I've been away for so long. You know how things always get so busy around the holidays. For most people that business comes from last minute Christmas shopping, baking for gourmet holiday dinners, making the rounds visiting extended family and the likes. Not me. I was busy working (remember that totem poll problem?- yeah, I'm still rather low on it) and just relaxing at home. What have you been up to, Blog? I'll just give you a quick update on my life for the past month and a half or so. It'll be pretty short and sweet.

#1- We're for sure going to law school. Who knows where yet, but the acceptance letters have started pouring in. Let the anxiety commence in deciding the rest of our lives.

#2- I have almost successfully learned how to drive a stick shift. Still need to work on the whole hill thing, but other than that, I'm a pro... almost.

#3- We are going to start taking either a dance or cooking class. We haven't quite decided which one yet, but oh it's going to happen. It's time to be active in our lives. Any suggestions on which one we should attempt first?

#4- We finally got our wedding album after a year and a half of being married! Oh my gosh it is fabulous! Love it, love it, love it!

#5- My better half had another surgery and broke a bone for the first time in his life. The surgery went great even though the recovery just about killed him. But now he's breathing through his nose like never before. How exciting! Who knew how much we need that? And the broken bone was the result of a football injury. His lack of athletic prowess as he puts it caused what we thought was a jammed finger. But three weeks with no movement and extreme pain finally brought us to the doctor to get an x-ray. What do you know? A tiny broken bone.

#6- I finished knitting another baby blanket. I think it's time I take a break from that hobby. I have two blankets already made and no babies. The math just isn't adding up.

#7- With the demise of my computer knocking on the door (it's just a matter of time. It sends me warnings by shutting off randomly, sending messages about missing files and other computer mumbo jumbo that I know nothing about), I've decided to print my pictures and make true photo albums. It is quite the undertaking. We'll see how successful I am.

Hmm, that's all I can think of for now. If I think of any other updates you need to know, Blog, I'll be sure to tell you.