Friday, November 12, 2010


Today, I had a very revealing trip to the grocery store. See if you can guess why after you read this.

"Are you finding everything alright, ma'am?"

"Let me get that for you, ma'am."

"Ma'am? Would you like paper or plastic?"

"You saved $3.56 today, ma'am."

Still wondering? Can't figure it out? Everything sounds pretty expected for the grocery store, right? WRONG! Ma'am? MA'AM?! Seriously? Someone please tell me when I crossed over into ma'am territory. I thought that word was reserved for women whose hips and thighs are evidence of the 5 kids they have at home; women who shop at Christopher Banks and Chicos; women who make sure they take a multivitamin every morning because they're worried about osteoporosis. to Am I already there? Is that who I am in the general public's eye? Please- someone, anyone- say it's not so!


  1. haha, I remember when that started happening to me and I had a little freak out about it to. I don't know what the age limit is for it, maybe its because we have wedding rings on. Who knows though, I feel like I'm still to young for it though!

  2. I think it's because you look sophisticated and that intimidates people. They think you're probably rich and cultured.

  3. Ha ha ha - love Krista's comment. I would like to add: you live in the midwest/ south... kind of. Ma'am is big over there. (HA! I have no idea what I'm talking about... I've never even been over there.) :) Miss you, Ma'am!! ;)

  4. Hey, Hey, Hey! I have given birth to 4 beautiful was a 9 pounder....and I DO NOT have huge hips and thighs! You beeter watch yourself there little sister! Remember you are part Rickey now....once you are around us long enough you start to look like us....if you talk kindly I will grant you my gift of knowing how to recover from post-baby with grace and sexiness! You are the hottest Ma'am in Bloomington! Luv you